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Scholarship Opportunity!

This generous opportunity afforded by the Davis Chamber of Commerce Foundation is available for any High School Seniors in Davis that plan on attending a 4-year university, Community College, Trade/Technical school, or Business College program. The $500 dollar scholarship application is due April 19th, 2019 and is to be accompanied by a short essay about overcoming a challenge.

Some quick tips:

-Don't wait until the last second to write the application.

-Fully utilize resources available to you including teachers and peer editing.

-If you are having a hard time thinking of a topic to write about remember that the challenge does not have to be in the past, it can be a prospective challenge.

-Put your story into context and be specific as possible! What does it mean to you to overcome the challenge?

-Look forward--tie the challenge into your future growth or plans. How did you learn from the challenge and how will you use it in your future schooling or career?

Below is a link to the application with further details, good luck!

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