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College admissions:
What could college bring?

college admissions


Including: Personal Statement Coaching

College admissions officers are a tough audience, and their expectations are not the same as those of English teachers or school counselors. Using our extensive admissions industry experience and our pragmatic, real-world approach to teaching writing, we will help students strategically select topics that will hold the attention of admissions officers; brainstorm for each prompt; edit for clarity and conciseness; and edit for voice and organization. We are confident that by the end of this process, students will agree that our services were an invaluable investment for their college careers and writing skills.

5-10 Suggested Coaching Sessions

Unlimited SOS! calls​

Edits and revisions on all essays

  • Initial writing assessment

  • 1-5 sessions of Academic Success Coaching and college admissions consulting

  • 3-4 sessions of Essay Coaching on UC application, Common App, and more

  • 1 session Writing Tune-up: lesson on grammar, punctuation and voice

  • Proofreading, comments, and revisions for all essay drafts, including short answer responses

I can’t imagine how our daughter would have made it through the college application process without Eda’s help!  My husband and I sought Eda’s assistance when it became clear that when faced with the prospect of applying to colleges my daughter was like a “deer in the headlights.”  She didn’t know how to proceed, and she didn’t really want guidance from her parents.  The high school counselors, although helpful, have too large a workload to help individual students to any great degree.  Eda was instrumental in gently guiding our daughter through the challenging questions of what her life’s purpose might be, what major(s) to target, where to apply, etc.  Eda is remarkably skilled at working with teenagers through the emotions that they face regarding their future.  When it came to the process of writing application essays, Eda’s structured approach made it much more manageable.  Having Eda assist our daughter allowed my husband and me to remove ourselves from the college application process knowing that we had a caring and organized mentor leading our daughter through the steps.  Eda kept my husband and I apprised of the progress through regular e-mail updates that we greatly appreciated.  From start to finish, we felt that Eda cared about our daughter and she wanted an outcome that was good for all of us.  Mission accomplished!

Parent of Davis High School Senior

Life & College Readiness Program, College Admissions Consulting

​Eda was very helpful and motivating, ensuring that I had the best experience applying for universities as a transfer.


I found the prospect tedious and overwhelming, but she was able to help with the application process, assist me in refining and completing an excellent admissions essay, and was able to talk me through all the processes that I needed to take into consideration.


A number of times outside of coaching hours, she was able to talk me through stressful situations by providing uplifting and reassuring but proactive advice. Her approach is friendly and supportive and I honestly felt that I was able to achieve anything academically with her guidance!

Victor W - Fashion Institute of Technology (NY)

College Admissions Consulting

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