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College students:
What could
you achieve with one-on-one, unconditional support? 

life & career readiness program

for college students & beyond

In this program, you will be working 1-on-1 on a weekly to biweekly basis with a certified Life Coach who is specially trained to work with young people such as yourself. 

Each session is a simple, yet powerful, guided conversation during which your Coach uses their extensive training to compel you to think deeply, answer difficult (but never impossible) questions, identify interests and values, and more!

If you're in college, we'll help you address your worries for the future and teach you how to turn passions into a career by choosing the major that's right for you; seeking mentors and networking opportunities in the wider community; and applying to internships and jobs that will contribute to your career goals. Whether you're still in college, looking to apply for that first full-time job, or already rocking it in the professional world, we can help you create a game plan for the next step in the your life and career.

5-12 Suggested Coaching Sessions

Unlimited email and texting communication​

Edits on any professional correspondence

  • Create a game plan to achieve your academic or career goals

  • Identify majors, career paths, or working environments that best suit you by exploring your interests and values

  • Build better relationships through communication and self-awareness

  • Create effective systems to manage time and reduce stress in studying or working

  • Address root causes of procrastination

  • Pursue jobs and internships by leveraging your professional network

  • Maximize your chance of gaining interviews by tailoring your resumes and cover letters

  • Create a lasting, positive impression on potential employers when interviewed

  • Fine-tune professional correspondence skills, such as introductory and follow-up emails

  • 1. Intro Session
    This session is all about FUN—and fit. The Coach will ask the student simple, curious questions to get to know the student’s personality and ambitions. They will also determine the student’s readiness for the program.
  • 2. Wheel of Life, Well-Formed Outcomes, Action Steps
    The student will learn how to create achievable goals called “well-formed outcomes”, along with its 4 must-have components: Positive, Precise, Portion Size, Point in Time. For more complex assignments and projects, the student will learn the technique of listing action steps. The Coach will also introduce the “Wheel of Life”, a tool that can help the student track their levels of satisfaction for the most important areas of their life.
  • 3. Using A Planner
    Planners are the most important, yet underutilized resource in a high school student’s tool box. Here, the student will learn the many different uses of a planner, as well as how to set up a planner so that it is helpful for both school and extracurricular activities.
  • 4. The Study Cycle & Learning/Thinking Styles
    Earn better grades with less effort! Did you know that different people have different learning and thinking styles—and that they consequently place more importance on some forms of information over others? Here, students will learn how to identify “What?”, “How?” and “Why?” people and use this knowledge to connect with difficult teachers. The student will also learn be introduced to the Study Cycle, an enlightening tool for understanding what happens to the brain when we learn, and how to make the things we learn stick.
  • 5. Motivation and Vision
    In this session, the student will learn to view motivation in various ways: conditional vs. intrinsic, sake of self vs. sake of others, and Gretchen Rubin's "Four Tendencies." The Coach will also introduce the concept of vision and encourage the student to visualize successes in the immediate and long-term future.
  • 6. Efficient Note-Taking & Reading
    Most high school students still have a number of years of school ahead of them, and digesting and recalling information are skills that will remain useful for a lifetime. For this session, the Coach will divulge multiple, proven techniques for more efficient note-taking and reading. These skills will be especially useful for standardized testing and college lectures.
  • 7. Systems & Organization
    Here, the student will identify problem areas in their systems for study, work and home. The Coach will guide the student into developing better systems so that routine tasks are simple, automatic and stress-free. The student will learn to incorporate “anchors”, or personal reminders, into their systems so that their lives are built upon less effortful habits. Coach will also introduce the concept of “decision lag”.
  • 8. Assumptions & Limiting Beliefs
    In this session, the student will be encouraged to explore their negative assumptions in their relationships with others, and how turning these assumptions around can have positive effects on actions and outcomes. The student will also explore limiting beliefs in relation to their self, and the Coach will introduce techniques for overcoming these negative beliefs.
  • 9. Inner Critic vs. Future Self
    With the Coach’s guidance, the student will meet their Inner Critic, followed immediately by a meeting with their nurturing, wise Future Self. Both Inner Critic and Future Self are Life Coaching concepts designed to empower the student and build emotional resilience.
  • 10. Values & Making Decisions
    As the final session of our signature College Advantage Program: Year 1 for high school students, here the student and Coach will take the time to reflect upon the student’s core values in life. They will also explore how the student will be able to move forward in life and make decisions consistent with his or her values.
  • 11. Strong Interest Inventory Assessment
    A cousin to the famous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Offered on many college campuses, the Strong is an ideal tool for young people who need more direction in their choices of major or career.
  • 12. Activity Logging & Resume Writing
    Many college applications require prospective students to log their extracurriculars. Here, the Coach will work with the student to reconstruct a timeline of the student’s activities and construct a basic résumé for college.
  • 13. Powerful Relationships & Building Empathy
    The transition from high school to college is a meaningful one, and students should be able to formulate and honor powerful relationships. In this session, the student will examine key figures in their lives—past, present and future—and begin a discussion on empathy and the responsibility that they have to others.
  • 14. Extracurriculars, Internships, Job Shadowing
    For this session, the Coach will guide the student in pursuing extracurricular opportunities, including internships, jobs or job shadowing. The student will practice networking with members of their community; composing professional correspondences (such as emails); and seeking mentors and experience in the outside world.
  • 15. Deep Interest Project (3 sessions)
    What are colleges looking for in applicants? That’s always the number one question! And although there really is no way around the black box that is college admissions, most schools would agree that they hope to see 1) initiative and 2) progression of interest. For 3 sessions, the Coach will work with the student to identify a specific area of interest and create some sort of personal project around it. In an era of consumerism, schools want to see students create something.

​1. Working with Élan Advising has been one of the best decisions I have made in my undergraduate career. Eda helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses for job search and career options. She is also very friendly and approachable; I honestly felt like I had known Eda for years.


2. I struggled with identifying my personal values and thought a high paying job was more important in life. She helped me identify those values that I strongly believe in, and now I have a much less stressful time searching for jobs after graduation, as well as understanding what should be important.


3. Eda was very honest with her words and made me realize that searching for the first job after college is a stressful experience we all feel and go through. From my experience with Eda, my thinking has become much more realistic in terms of my personal performance and where to start after college. 


Update: After working for just two weeks with Eda, I have gained so much in professional and personal assets that I was hired by Amazon.

Wen L

Life + Career Readiness Program

I was one of those students who wasn’t sure what to do after college. Well, I knew what to do, but I didn’t know where or how I was going to do it. Was my resume even good enough? Is networking really something I need to do? How do I stand out when my peers might have more experience than I do? Élan Advising helped me address all of these concerns. We polished some wording and now I have a killer resume. The interview preparation session gave me the confidence to walk into any interview ready to land a job. What I loved most about Élan’s program is that it’s not a “let me hold your hand” type of program. It’s more of a “let me give you the tools to help you succeed when this program is over.” 


But Élan is more than resume building and interview prepping. I practiced so much negative self-talk and horrible procrastination habits that I thought stress was just part of who I was. A trained Life Coach taught me practical skills that reduce the stress in my life that prevented me from being the absolute best version of myself. The Well-Formed Outcomes session helped me make a plan and see it through by giving myself a realistic deadline (It really is helpful!). The Conditional vs. Intrinsic Motivation session allowed me to really ask myself, “Why am I doing this?”


What I loved most about the program is that my coach treated me like an actual human being and not just as a client. Even if you feel like you have a plan, there is ALWAYS room for improvement and self growth.

Vanessa E - CSU Sacramento

Life + Career Readiness Program

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