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News Release: Élan Advising Celebrates 4th Year of Partnership with Nonprofit Supporting Foster Youth in College

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Life and career coaching company Elan Advising continues break down barriers to academic and professional success of former foster youth attending Northern California colleges. Elan Advising celebrates its fourth year of partnership with nonprofit Fostering Success and Significance, providing its signature 10-session Life and Career Readiness program to affiliated students in schools such as UC Davis and CSU Sacramento.

March 21, 2019 - Davis, CA – Life and career coaching company Élan Advising is pleased to celebrate its fourth year of partnership with Fostering Success and Significance (FSS), a California nonprofit serving former foster youth attending college. Since the beginning of the partnership in 2016, FSS students attending UC Davis, CSU Sacramento and community colleges have participated in Élan’s signature Life and Career Readiness Program, which consists of one-on-one coaching sessions aimed at preparing students for graduation and job search.

The partnership between Élan and FSS works to improve education and career outcomes for young adults transitioning out of the foster care system by helping the students associated with FSS stay focused on schoolwork, navigate challenges outside of school and leverage professional networks. Since the program’s inception in 2016, 19 students have participated in the program, reporting higher levels of confidence and optimism in their academic and career paths, futures and professional skills. As a result of their participation in the program, many students have experienced a boost in their grades, as well as greater success obtaining internships and full-time jobs.

“We continue to invest in this partnership and reap the benefits for both our organization and our students,” says Doug Barnett, President of FSS. “The results of Élan Advising’s programming have been beyond our expectations and we look forward to partnering for many more years to come.”


For many transition-aged youth (TAY), pursuing higher education and careers can be daunting. Many lack the confidence and support needed to successfully meet the challenges they face, from navigating college and securing employment, to planning for a stable financial future. Nationwide, less than 10 percent of foster youth attend college and less than 3 percent earn a four-year degree; the unemployment rate of California youth upon exiting the foster care system can be as high as 85 percent. Élan’s partnership with FSS aims to ensure that students possess the necessary skills, support and self-assurance to succeed, from matriculation to graduation.

Doug and Robin Barnett started FSS in 2008. The organization’s mission is to support, empower and inspire foster youth attending college. FSS matches students with successful adult mentors who can offer insight on career paths and advice on potential personal challenges. Students are required to participate in community service and maintain a high GPA. In addition to providing direct financial assistance, FSS also pays for psychotherapy and counseling services.

UC Davis alumna Eda S. Chen founded Élan Advising in 2013. The company uses life coaching techniques to teach time management, résumé and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, emotional resiliency and more. Its programs cater to the unique needs of high school students, college students and recent graduates. The company also offers college and graduate admissions consulting.

“Our partnership with FSS has been transformational--for both the students and our company,” Chen states. “Every day, we feel honored to provide life and career coaching to these young people, all of whom are determined, resilient and natural leaders of our community. We are proud to fulfill our social mission with FSS and other organizations supporting foster youth.”

If you or someone you know are interested in the benefits of this partnership, please contact Eda Chen at 530-750-9066 or eda(at)

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