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Speak with any recent college graduate, and they're bound to tell you they wish they had done some things differently. Maybe they'll tell you they wish they knew how to research careers and majors before choosing a path in college, or spent more energy and time in internships during the summers or networking in their community.

JOIN ME, Eda S. Chen, Owner and President of Elan Advising, for an honest presentation on how to best use your time in college and beyond, including before you even step foot on campus. I have worked directly with high school and college students for more than 8 years as a life, academic, and career coach. I am a UC Davis alumna and I am proud to be of service to the greater Sacramento area.

Gain valuable insight and tips on:

  • What to do the summer before college to ensure the least amount of time wasted in college;

  • How to choose a suitable major and career path;

  • How to stand out to professors and staff;

  • How to get involved and network in your college town for greater career success after graduation;

  • How to optimally prepare for graduate school even if you're not sure you'll want to go to graduate school;

  • More!


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