Strong Interest Inventory® 

Assessment + 1 hour Coaching


Are you in the right major or career?

Do you want to know your "Top 10" matches in a career?

The Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment is a career development tool in the same family as the renowned Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The Strong offers invaluable insight that will help you make streamlined decisions regarding your education and career.


In identifying your interests, this 19+ page report can enable you to

  • Achieve satisfaction in your work

  • Identify career options consistent with your interests

  • Choose appropriate education and training relevant to your interests

  • Maintain balance between your work and leisure activities

  • Understand aspects of your personality most closely associated with your interests

  • Determine your preferred learning environments

  • Learn about your preferences for leadership, risk taking, and teamwork

  • Use interests in shaping your career direction

  • Decide on a focus for the future

  • Direct your own career exploration at various stages in your life


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