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Dear high school students,
We are your cheer squad.

Life/Academic/Career Coaching - High School

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life & college readiness program
for high school students

Let's face it: high school is no cakewalk! You're likely swamped in homework and possibly overwhelmed with all that is in front of you. Wouldn't it be nice to work with a Coach who listens to you without judging? In this program, high school students will be working 1-on-1 on a weekly to biweekly basis with a certified Life Coach who is specially trained to work with young people.

Each session is a transformative, guided conversation during which your Coach uses their extensive training to compel you to think deeply, answer difficult (but never impossible) questions, identify interests and values, and more!

High school is a wonderful time to explore your individuality and independence, and we support you! Once you complete this program, you will have a better grasp on who you are as a person and what to do to prepare for college.

7-10 Suggested Coaching Sessions per school year

Unlimited email and texting communication

  • Apply "The Study Cycle" to earn better grades more easily

  • Create effective systems to manage time and reduce stress when studying

  • Address root causes of procrastination

  • Build better relationships through communication and self-awareness

  • Understand your motivation style and take initiative

  • Exercise leadership through a "Deep Interest Project" 

  • Write successful college applications essays by demonstrating the qualities admissions officers seek

  • Become more confident and excited about your future!

I can’t imagine how our daughter would have made it through the college application process without Eda’s help!  My husband and I sought Eda’s assistance when it became clear that when faced with the prospect of applying to colleges my daughter was like a “deer in the headlights.”  She didn’t know how to proceed, and she didn’t really want guidance from her parents.  The high school counselors, although helpful, have too large a workload to help individual students to any great degree.  Eda was instrumental in gently guiding our daughter through the challenging questions of what her life’s purpose might be, what major(s) to target, where to apply, etc.  Eda is remarkably skilled at working with teenagers through the emotions that they face regarding their future.  When it came to the process of writing application essays, Eda’s structured approach made it much more manageable.  Having Eda assist our daughter allowed my husband and me to remove ourselves from the college application process knowing that we had a caring and organized mentor leading our daughter through the steps.  Eda kept my husband and I apprised of the progress through regular e-mail updates that we greatly appreciated.  From start to finish, we felt that Eda cared about our daughter and she wanted an outcome that was good for all of us.  Mission accomplished!

Parent of Davis High School Senior

Life & College Readiness Program / College Admissions Consulting

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