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Graduate Admissions Consulting

Graduate Admissions:
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graduate admissions


Including: Personal Statement Coaching

Your success in the graduate school applications process will largely depend on your personal statement, so the most important function for your statements is that they do you justice—that your essays present the admissions officers with an attractive and authentic portrayal of your best personal qualities, achievements and experiences.


Admissions officers are a tough audience, and their expectations are not the same expectations as those of English teachers or school counselors. Using our extensive admissions industry experience and our pragmatic, real-world approach to teaching writing, we will help you strategically select topics that will hold the attention of admissions officers; brainstorm for each prompt; edit for clarity and conciseness; and edit for voice and organization.

We are confident that by the end of this process, students will agree that our services were an invaluable investment for their college careers and writing skills.

10 Sessions

Unlimited SOS! calls​

Edits and revisions on all personal statements

  • Initial writing assessment

  • Proofreading, comments, and revisions for all personal statements, plus short answer questions

Working with you was such an amazing experience. I really enjoyed having someone throughout this whole process to offer me advice and guide me towards my goal of being admitted into a graduate program. I thought that you went the extra mile for me numerous times - helping me edit my personal statements was one of those moments. You were very professional throughout the coaching process.


One particular skill that I learned from you that stood out were the Well-Formed Outcomes (WFOs) - having since completed the coaching with you, I continue to refer back to our Google Doc and write out my plans with WFOs. I even worked them into how I have been studying for the MCAT. Additionally, the CV and resume help was incredibly helpful for applying to programs. 


Overall, I feel that having you as a resource has definitely helped me get to where I wanted to be and I cannot thank you enough. 

Ekaterina T - University of California, San Francisco

Graduate Admissions Coaching

I have known Eda for several years and already knew what an amazing and supportive person she is. Last year when I was starting my MBA applications Eda was a constant positive force and helped in more ways than I can count. During my GMAT preparation she helped raise my score by more than 40 points from my practice tests. My application essays were a complete mess, but Eda stepped in and helped me cut them down to a coherent, organized application. During the interview phase Eda took the time to work with me 1 on 1 to help me be more confident and more competitive throughout my on campus interview. 

Eda was passionate, knowledgeable, and quite simply an amazing coach throughout the entire process. She is THE person to have in your corner when you are facing just about any challenge. I highly recommend Élan Advising for any and all education and career consulting services. 

Laine T

Graduate Admissions Coaching

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