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7 Fellowship Opportunities for College Graduates

Just graduated and don’t know what to do next? Consider a fellowship.

Pursuing a fellowship after graduation can present you with a valuable opportunity for reflection and self-assessment. Whether you’re an early career professional looking to expand your resume or a future educator, fellowships can provide skills training, networking experience and the chance to travel abroad.

Once you’ve identified your motivation for taking on a fellowship (prepare for graduate school, build your savings, develop skills needed for public sector work), you should start researching your options and plan for deadlines. Our team at Elan Advising has put together a list of fellowships you may want to consider as you prepare for post-graduate work.

Ready to apply now?

Moton Fellowship Program Deadline: March 30, 2017

Stipend: $1,500

Location: Gloucester Institute’s Moton campus in Richmond, VA

Required materials: Unofficial or official transcript, 2 letters of recommendation, 3 short essays, resume

Description: Interested in joining the next generation of world leaders? Learn from leading experts and innovators in business and government and develop the skills you need for your future career, whether that’s chairing an international nonprofit or working as a public relations guru.

Program dates: Aug. 24 - Dec. 9, 2017 Stipend: $470-570 minimum biweekly (salary determined by class standing)

Location: Nationwide

Required materials: Essay, letter of recommendation, official transcript, enrollment verification or certificate of graduation

Description: Get involved with federal agencies and private corporations with the National Internship Program (“HNIP”). The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (“HACU”) recruits college students for internships in Washington, D.C. and throughout the country. You can gain experience working in an array of careers in the federal and corporate sectors, no matter what you want to do next.

Deadline: July 1 (for fall/winter positions), application calendar available here

Program length: 10-12 weeks (standard GIPs and Direct Hire Authority Resource Assistants), 3-12 months (guest scientists)

Stipend: $1,200-4,800 per month, plus travel allowance and park provided housing or a housing allowance

Description: Get into the great outdoors! You can spend 10-12 weeks with the National Parks Service assisting with research to improve the management of natural resources in our national parks. There are field and office-based internships available, so there’s something for everyone.

Need a few more months to prepare?

Deadline: Aug. 1, 2017 (tentative)

Program dates: August 2017 to June 2018, possible continuation into a second year

Stipend: $14,400 (or $654.55 bi-weekly), in addition to an education award of $5,815 (upon successful completion as a full-time member)

Location: New York City, NY

Requirements: Online application, 3 short essays, resume; applicants selected for final interview will need to submit a list of relevant coursework and professional references

Description: Move to the big city! You will learn about instructional models and how to develop relationships with students and families in high-need public high schools in New York City. Blue Engine teams focus on teaching Algebra and English/Language Arts, to help students succeed in their academic careers.

Echoing Green Fellowship Deadline: The 2018 application will open in late summer or early fall 2017

Stipend: $60,000 for individuals and $90,000 for 2-person partnerships, in addition to a health insurance stipend and a yearly professional development stipend

Required materials: 5-7 short essays, with additional materials required upon advancement to second round of application

Description: Have a great business idea? This program will provide you with start-up capital and technical assistance for two years to help you make your idea a reality. The program helps you on your way with access to technical support, pro bono partnerships, and networking opportunities with Echoing Green alumni, social entrepreneurs, and public service leaders throughout the world.

Lui-Walton Innovators Fellowship Deadline: The 2018-2019 application will open in winter 2017

Program length: 2 years

Stipend: Annual salary plus paid vacation time in addition to a comprehensive benefits package

Required materials: 3 reference letters, curriculum vitae, statement of purpose; optional 2 writing samples

Description: Do you want to fight for conservation? You can work with recognized leaders to address critical conservation issues. You will have opportunities to travel, network, develop professionally, and participate in Conservation International programs to get involved and make a difference.

Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Resident Scholars Program Deadline: The 2018 application will open in early 2018 Stipend: $45,000 per year, in addition to full health benefits, professional development support, and work-related travel expenses

Location: Piper Trust in Phoenix, AZ

Required materials: Online application, cover letter, resume, 2 letters of recommendation

Description: Get a change of scenery and spend two years working with the residents of Maricopa County, Arizona. You will have the opportunity to focus full-time on philanthropic work aimed at improving the health and well-being of the community. Piper Trust focuses its efforts on arts and culture, children, education, healthcare and medical research, older adults, and religious organizations. No matter what your passion is, you can get involved and make a difference.

Helpful tips for applying to fellowships

  • Make sure your resume has been updated recently to include all relevant work experience, upper-division coursework, leadership and involvement experience and any honors and scholarships you have received (Barnard College has an excellent resume worksheet in addition to a list of action verbs for resumes)

  • Provide your recommenders with all application materials (transcript, essay responses, resume, cover letter) so they know what to talk about in their letter

  • Use a calendar that syncs across all your personal devices (e.g., Google Calendar) or a physical desk calendar to keep track of important dates and deadlines

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