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Hello, King High Students!

I'm a member with Soroptimist International of Davis and a volunteer for our Dream It Be It career development program. I've met a number of you and am super stoked to be working with you!

Outside of SI Davis, I am a Life and Career Coach who specializes in working with young people to achieve their education and career goals. Below is some information regarding the Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment, which I am thrilled to be able to offer to your school. It's an invaluable tool that I am certified in and I hope you take it!

Best, Eda Chen

The Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment

The Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment is a career development tool in the same family as the renowned Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The Strong offers invaluable insight that will help you make streamlined decisions regarding your education and career. The 19-page report you receive as part of the Strong will give you "Top 10 Strong Occupation Matches" as well as insight and tips regarding how to achieve career satisfaction, what your learning preferences are, and more. Read more about the Strong here and click here for a sample report.


The Strong is a 30 to 40-minute online assessment with multiple choice questions. It is best to take it in one sitting.

Some tips for taking the Strong:

  • This assessment will ask you about your CURRENT INTERESTS, e.g. how interesting do you find the idea of accounting. 

  • Do NOT answer based on your previous experiences or current abilities. 

    It does not matter if you've never taken an accounting class before, or if you don't know the first thing about accounting. If the idea of sitting and working with numbers is appealing to you, answer that it's interesting.


  • Go with your gut answer; no need to overthink. Also, don't shy away from strong feelings!

  • Be completely honest with your answers--nobody will see your answers anyway. If a person with 15 years of dancing experience really doesn't enjoy dancing, they should just be frank and say "not interested." Don't answer a certain way just because you feel you "should".

  • YES, you can look up information while you're completing the assessment. If you're uncertain what civil engineering entails, by all means, Google it.

click here to REGISTER AND TAKE the strong interest assessment

NEXT STEPS: You will NOT receive your report immediately upon finishing the assessment. I will be coordinating with your teacher Jolanda to schedule a day and time in which I will go over your results with you. Thank you!


Questions? Feel free to email or text me.


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